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Solarize your Establishments with us. Our Solar Expertise gives you Clean & Green Energy.

Sunny Solar is the best brand in Solar Technology. You can rely on us for your requirements of all Solar Power plant sizes from Kilowatts to Megawatts scale. We will give the best technology in Solar to Commercial & Industrial Establishments for their Captive utility.

Sunny solar with its commercial energy solutions has developed a concept for companies enabling them to lower their operating costs with their own solar powerplant on their Roof Top or any available space as a Land Mount Power Project. According to the requirements it can be customised


Solar Power

Unveil the Power of Solar with Sunny Solar's latest Technologies. Sunny Solar offers Solar Power projects in various models. Capex model gives your Industry freedom from Power Bills. Opex model provides you with the best tariff for long term and gives you ownership of the Solar Power Plant at the end of term period. Open Access model gives you Solar Power at the best power tariff.


We provide our Solar Power Services on EPC basis to Educational Institutions like Schools,Colleges,Universities.


We provide best Solar Power Solutions to Industries like Capex, Opex/BOOT, and Open Access models.


Sunny Solar Provides the best solar power solutions for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics etc. .


We provide custom solar solutions to Hotels on CAPEX and BOOT models.


Commercial establishments can opt Sunny solar's various power solutions.


We are also offering residential solar Power Solutions.

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